We love living and raising our family in Tasman with our region’s enviable access to the natural environment.
Economic vitality and environmental sustainability are crucial to Tasman’s future.
Developing our diverse economy and communities while meeting the challenges around water quality, biodiversity, an aging population and a changing climate will be priorities. Collaboration and constructive relationships with landowners, businesses, Iwi, Government and non-government organisations will be essential to achieve sustainable outcomes.
Council’s core role will remain investing in new and improved infrastructure, managing the regions natural resources, providing efficient and customer focused services and supporting recreational facilities and activities.
Delivering within the Council’s rate and debt limits will require strong leadership and difficult decisions. Prioritising the many demands across the community will not be easy.
Having over twenty years of governance experience in business, community organisations and on Council, I am committed to working collectively to tackle the challenges and capitalise on the opportunities for our region.
I am positive about the future of our District and I have outlined the areas below that I think we should focus on over the next three years.
I would very much like to have your support to continue providing practical, hardworking and accessible representation as your Mayor. Ph 035423849

My Governance Experience & Leadership:

• Twenty years of governance experience in business, community organisations and Council both locally and nationally
• Wide experience across all aspects of Council activities including chairing meetings of council and various committees
• A strong commitment to inclusive style of governance ensuring all views are given the opportunity to be expressed
• A proven willingness to make decisions on the hard issues
• A belief that leadership involves creating a positive culture across Council that enables good outcomes for the community

Management of the District’s Economy can happen by:

• Supporting our primary industries to improve their sustainability
• Enabling business development by providing efficient and effective services
• Maintaining our diverse range of industries and businesses through good planning
• Ensuring our region remains attractive for people to move too with new and diverse businesses and for people to work in both new and existing businesses
• Working with neighbouring councils and other parties on infrastructure provision and operation

Some Financial Considerations:

• Make sure we have responsible financial management
• This will help us maintain Council’s AA credit rating
• Keep rate increases within the 3% cap set by Council
• Take advantage of low interest rates to invest in community infrastructure within Council’s debt limits

Water Quality Goals for the District:

• To maintain and improve our present very good water quality
• To work with landowners to address nutrient runoff, leaching, ecoli levels and sedimentation are top priorities. The policy and timeframes are likely to be set by Government via National Standards and a review of the National Policy Statement for Fresh Water

Biodiversity Management:

• Maintain and enhancing our natural biodiversity
• Continue to work to identify and protect significant wetlands across the District
• Work collectively with others to leverage the money Council provides to support planting, pest control and fencing

Climate Change Initiatives:

• Work with communities to adapt to changing sea levels and flood and drought frequencies
• Ensure Council’s infrastructure is resilient
• Reduce Council emissions in line with Zero Carbon Bill
• Work with business and landowners to reduce industry emissions
• Provide information and opportunity to enable individuals to reduce emissions
• Support and encourage a variety of tree planting

Transport Goals for the District:

• To advocate for the importance of investment in roads in a region with no rail service
• To work with NZTA on options for Gladstone Rd/Lower Queen St Richmond and High Street Motueka improvements  
• To maintain and improve rural roads
• To improve cycling and walking connections in and between communities
• To continue to look at alternative transport options including public transport where feasible

Water Wastewater and Stormwater Development Across the District:

• Invest in new and replacement infrastructure to ensure compliance with standards
• Maintain or improve levels of service and provide for growth
• Work with rural water schemes to find cost effective ways of meeting National  Standards
• Continue investment in storm water improvements with a priority on areas where houses are at risk of flooding

Solid Waste Goals:

• Reduce general waste to landfill
• Reduce plastic waste focusing on reduction at source

Actions to Further Develop Community:

• Continue investment in reserves for recreation, social and environmental benefits
• Review what and how we provide services as our population ages 
• Continue redevelopment of libraries to cater for changing needs of the community.
• Support continued Council involvement in community housing

Resilience – Managing District Emergencies:

• Learn lessons from response to Cyclones Fehi, Gita and the Pigeon Valley Fire
• Improve community resilience through education, information and engagement
• Ensure communities are aware of hazards and the options to reduce them
• Take account of natural hazards when planning new development