My Governance Experience & Leadership:

• Twenty years of governance experience in business, community organisations and Council both locally and nationally
• Wide experience across all aspects of Council activities including chairing meetings of council and various committees.
• A strong commitment to inclusive style of governance ensuring all views are given the opportunity to be expressed
• A proven willingness to make decisions on the hard issues.
• A belief that leadership involves creating a positive culture across Council that enables good outcomes for the community.

I Will Manage the District’s Economy by:

• Supporting our primary industries to improve their sustainability.
• Enabling business development by providing efficient and effective services
• Maintaining our diverse range of industries and businesses through good planning
• Ensuring our region remains attractive for people to move too with new and diverse businesses and for people to work in both new and existing businesses
• Working with neighbouring councils and other parties on infrastructure provision and operation

My Goals in the Area of Finance:

• Responsible financial management
• Keep rate increases within the 3% cap set by Council
• Take advantage of low interest rates to invest in community infrastructure within Council’s debt limits.
• Maintain Council’s AA credit rating

My Water Quality Goals:

• To maintain and improve our present very good water quality
• To work with landowners to address nutrient runoff, leaching, ecoli levels and sedimentation are top priorities. The policy and timeframes are likely to be set by Government via National Standards and a review of the National Policy Statement for Fresh Water

How I will Manage Biodiversity.

• By maintaining and enhancing our natural biodiversity
• By Continuing to work to identify and protect significant wetlands across the district.
• By working collectively with others to leverage the money Council provides to support planting, pest control and fencing.